40 days of Sorrow, a walk with Job
March 29, 2019, 5:43 AM

Lent 2019 Day 21 Job Chapter 23

We are now over the halfway mark through the season of Lent. Eliphaz and Zophar are finished with their comforting words and Bildad just has a small speech left. But Job says, "Even today my complaint is bitter." These friends have failed miserably at comforting Job. But I see a lot of encouraging thoughts in Job chapter 23.

Job felt abandoned and forsaken by God. Verse 8-9, "“Look, I go forward, but He is not there, And backward, but I cannot perceive Him; When He works on the left hand, I cannot behold Him; When He turns to the right hand, I cannot see Him." That is the most lonely feeling. He friends have failed at comforting, and he can't find God. He has looked for God in front and in back, to the left and to the right, with no success. This feeling of being alone, is something that Jesus understands, because on the cross he felt like God had forsaken him. 

Verse 10 are the words of HOPE, "But He knows the way that I take; When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold." What an amazing testimony of FAITH. Job might not have known where God was, but God knew where Job was. Job might not have been able to get to God, but God could come to Job. That is the perfect description of Immanuel. When we could not get to God's dwelling, God made his dwelling among us. This also gives us HOPE of our future dwelling with God. Jesus has gone to prepare us a place, and someday soon, he will come and take us with him to that place. 

Thank You Father God, that even when we can't see you, you see us. Even when we can't reach you, you reach us. Your love for us has no boundaries. 

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