We have enjoyed everybody's favorite part of Summer, including Jerry Brezina, (The last day).

What is your favorite Part of AUTUMN? You can put your own answer in the comment section, or you can vote in the poll on the left on the page.







comment posted by Annette Satre on 10-24-2017
We decorate our home with all the harvest and autumn choices & colors. We build Thanksgiving around God in Christ and at least once a year our family can see, hear and feel the need for thanking God for all we have. What better season to see so much of what he does for us? I could easily drop the other holidays, but not this one, for so very many reasons.
comment posted by Craig Szczepinski on 10-14-2017
Nothing like spending time with family on Thanksgiving Day
comment posted by Jerry M. Brezina on 10-12-2017
All of the above!!!! Especially being able to get outside more due to cooler weather!
comment posted by Kathy Dora on 10-11-2017
I want to pick more than one, lol. The cooler temperatures and the colors. Then going outside to enjoy it!!!
comment posted by Sandra Sterkenburg on 10-11-2017
My birthday, Nov. 13
comment posted by Vickie Sheets on 10-11-2017
The beauty of God's art in the colors of the leaves.